2022 Talks (archived – inactive)

The 2022 Talks that have not yet been released are here for your enjoyment before anyone else. Check out the people from Global 2022 and Cholula 2022 here!

Español con ZALOA: Descripción del concurso "calaveras literarias" — Nayeli Mulato

Nayeli de “Español con ZALOA” va a explicar cómo funciona el concurso de escribir una calavera literaria que es una de las bonitas tradiciones que se llevan a cabo durante los días de los muertos en México.

Náhuatl ican ZALOA: El inframundo mexica — Osvaldo Zuñiga

El maestro Osvaldo nos comparte la historia y la tradición del inframundo mexica y nos enseñea palabras del Náhuatl que tienen que ver con la tradición del famoso día de los muertos

Deutsch mit ZALOA — Anja Spilker

Traumreise: Das Team von Deutsch mit ZALOA hat für dich eine Traumreise auf Deutsch vorbereitet.

The multilingual brain: what happens when we learn another language and how that can benefit us physiologically and cognitively — Stefani Kostadinova

Multilingualism, whether it involves speaking two or more languages, is becoming more widespread. Currently, the topic is an issue of intensive research among neuroscientists and cognition scientists. My paper offers a review of what is currently known about the topic, as will my presentation. So far, researchers have not found any negative effects of multilingualism; on the contrary, multiple experiments point to the benefits that it brings. First, I will discuss the delaying effect of multilingualism on Alzheimer’s disease and age-related cognitive decline. Second, I will explain the structural changes in the brain as a result of speaking a foreign language. Third, I will explore the cognitive benefits that multilingualism brings and the reasons behind them. Finally, the questions that still need to be answered in future research are discussed. The potential benefits of multilingualism to society at large are also described.