Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for both parts of the Polyglot Conference?

Are you having an in-person Polyglot Conference in 2023?
Yes, there will be a Polyglot Conference in-person in Budapest from 27-28 October. You can find out all about it on the Budapest site.
How do I sign up for the Polyglot Conference Global?
Simply. You have two things you need to sign up for.
1. “Register” on this website. This gives you access to our forum, where you can message other participants privately or on the many language-related threads any time of day. You can also arrange with them to meet online during the conference in our live environment!
2. Go to our Eventbrite site and sign up for a ticket to access our live environment. This is a donation-based ticket. There is also a link there, if you cannot make a donation at this time:
3. Wait for a message to your registered email on the Eventbrite ticketing system (or free ticket system) and we will be in touch to give you instructions on how to join in the fun.
4. Make sure you check out the help sections on how to make the most of your time with us during our 4-day Polyglot Conference Global event!
Which time zone are the times of the talks in the programmes in?
The programme should show you the times of each talk in your local computer time. The calculation should be automatic, so you should not need to work out when to be online. If you notice any issues with this, then please let me know by email.
How many languages do I have to be able to speak to participate in the Polyglot Conference?
There is no minimum requirement, and certainly no entrance test! The Polyglot Conference is not about numbers, but about passion. It is open to everyone who loves language. The idea behind the conference was to create a space to come together and share in that. Every year we welcome hobbyists, professionals, academics, entrepreneurs, publishers, everybody and anybody to the conference.
Who attends the Polyglot Conferences?
The events are designed for anyone who loves language: teachers, interpreters, translators, students, scholars, language bloggers, linguists, writers and people who simply want to know more about languages.
What do you get out of attending a conference?
You will meet other language enthusiasts, discuss new learning resources and techniques, learn about new linguistic research, speak in different languages to the many attendees from different parts of the world, and generally spend a week focusing on language in a way that most of us are unable to do in our normal lives.
Is there a minimum age requirement?
The Polyglot Conference is intended for adults, but highly motivated and mature teenagers (16+) are welcome. If you are under 18, an adult guardian will need to register and attend along with you. If you are under 16 and really want to attend, please send us a message explaining your situation and we’ll be happy to deal with each application on a case by case basis.
What is the difference between the Polyglot Conference and other Polyglot events?
The Polyglot Conference was the first and remains the original event at which language lovers scattered around the globe have the chance to meet in person. We pride ourselves on keeping the event professional and striving each time to spread the message of multilingualism to an ever wider audience. Anyone can submit a proposal to speak at the event, but as the event has continued to grow the organisers have worked hard to seek out high quality speakers from outside the online polyglot community to present at the conference as well. The Polyglot Conference is held in a different location each year and seeks to celebrate the host city of each event in the programme. This year, due to the global health situation, we decided to make a positive out of a negative and use the opportunity to reach out to more people around the globe by making it a digital event.
What is the cancellation and refund policy?
Refund requests are dealt with directly by Eventbrite. As this is a donation-based ticket if you do request a refund from Eventbrite and it is granted, then the system will honour that. We cannot honour any refunds outside of that system.
Are the talks recorded at live events?
Yes! We record all of our talks, so the information can be later accessed by anyone interested in the topics discussed. We believe in sharing our knowledge with the widest possible audience, so we can be an inclusive organisation. All presenters at the conference have to accept this condition before they take to the stage.
Will there be language courses?
Yes! We are working with one of our sponsors, italki, and their teachers to bring you classes during Polyglot Conference Global!