Polyglot Conference Global

Given the global situation with COVID-19, widespread travel restrictions and the unlikelihood of there being a vaccine available before October, we’ve decided to postpone the physical Cholula conference until October 2021. Rest assured, Mexico will be waiting for us all once this current situation is behind us. The people of Cholula are already very excited to welcome our language learning community with open arms!

This year we are instead going to keep our physical distance and remain united from afar. We will be celebrating our global diversity, looking into the windows of your world together. Join us for Polyglot Conference Global!

Polyglot Conference Global will take place over 9 days, allowing you more time to enjoy the talks, meeting people and chat in the languages of your choice. Together with the LangFest Team we will bring you activities for the week of 16-25 October 2020. So now you will get more time, more talks and more chance to meet people from around the world!

Join us, in October for an exciting programme of culture and language as the Polyglot Conference goes global!

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